Healthy Bread Options For Port Douglas

Healthy Bread Such As Spelt flour has been around for at least 9 thousand years which is a real long time.

The benefits of eating or consuming this healthy bread flour are in the many when compared to the breads that are available from the common bakery,

With being low in glutamic acid and with approx 25% more protein then common flour it makes sense that this is the only product that you need to be consuming. This Healthy Bread will aid in your digestive system reduce liver fats and so many more benefits that should be considered in today’s age, Healthy Breads should be consumed everyday to help with many ailments that are clogging up the health system also when thinking of your well being it might actually cut down the amount of days you are sick or even feeling unwell eventually taking you away from people who love you and want to be with you.


Healthy Breads like spelt come in many forms at Brumbys Bakery Port Douglas in our range we have the Spelt Dinner Rolls which are very popular in some of the biggest resorts in Port Douglas as well as our Spelt Loaves which are growing in popularity for years now and we have a great reputation of being the leader in Healthy Breads in the area of Far North Queensland with our delivery service that gets freshly Baked Healthy Breads like Spelt products to the most popular resorts in Port, As well as a great following and support from all the locals that are health conscious that are always looking out for their health so our customers at Brumbys Bakery Port Douglas will always at least have the option of eating healthy breads and live a healthier lifestyle so they can live the dream.

20 Benefits Of Spelt Flour Products And Healthy Bread

  1. Assisting the immune system
  2. Reducing the risk of artery and heart spasms
  3. Calcium absorption
  4. Collagen formation
  5. Reducing liver fat
  6. Protecting kidneys
  7. Reducing bladder irritation
  8. Relaxation
  9. Stress and depression reduction
  10. Relieving migraine headaches
  11. Antibody, hormone and enzyme production
  12. Transmission of signals between the nerve cells and the brain
  13. Maintaining alertness
  14. Memory improvement
  15. Digestive and intestinal tract functioning
  16. Muscle coordination
  17. Manufacture of other essential biochemical components
  18. Reducing joint inflammation
  19. Preventing hair, skin and nail disorders
  20. Lowering cholesterol

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Brumbys Port Douglas

1 year 2 months ago

Having a breakfast on a beautiful day and nothing better than getting Brumbys bread along with my meal.
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Brumbys Port Douglas

1 year 2 months ago

Congratulations to Port Douglas Ambulance Service for 25 years of service
This cake was donated to the ambulance service at port douglas for all their charity and support they have given to the community over the years
Thank You for being part of our community

Meat Pies Delicious In Port Douglas

Meat Pies In Paradise

In this wonderful Port Douglas pie shop famous for meat pies and the photo-cakes as well as the delicious meat pie range that is by far the best around you will be amazed to find that the great range of cakes and pies are also accompanied by the lovely and fresh bread that is baked fresh everyday for that day, Not baked the day before or even the week before, As fresh is the only way you should be eating bread, Along with our fresh pastries that are mouth watering that go along with our range of slices and our coconut and lime biscuits not to mention our Lindt Chocolate biscuits which are irresistible to the passer by.

Not only known as Port Douglas pie shop our customers know that they can enjoy our meat pies and our baked goods which is always getting noticed in reviews for bakeries,

Some of our products are ranging from Our famous Hedgehog Slice to our yummy coconut slice Bee-sting buns are a favorite of the town as well which is a sweet yeast dough that has Florentine and almonds on top to give it some good texture with a filling of our famous vanilla custard inside just waiting to ooze out to be eaten and not wasted at all.

The benefits are Fresh bread bakery with pies, drinks, savories, pastries and cakes to compliment our bread. Also a coffee machine just for the fresh cuppa also making fresh Daintree Tea Onsite for our customers.

Meat Pies Delicious In Port Douglas come and get a treat.

Meat pies are just the start





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